The High Performance DIRT WASH Cleaner is specifically designed to be applied on all surfaces and components of your off-road vehicle. This non-corrosive cleaner will remove the most tenacious dirt stains while protecting your investment. Keep your vehicle’s radiance by adopting DIRT WASH by Dirt-Care.

Pre-wash your vehicle first to remove any accumulation of mud, dirt and/or dust. Thoroughly apply DIRT WASH High Performance Cleaner to all surfaces of your vehicle. Then leave on for two (2) to four (4) minutes before rinsing with clean water. If you are not using a pressure washer, scrubbing with a brush may be necessary.

Available Size:
1 Litre Spray Bottle (DC-DW1L)
4 Litres (DC-DW4L)
20 Litres (DC-DW20L)